5 Tips To Sell Your House Fast In Orlando

Are you thinking about selling your property in today’s current market? It is a seller’s market in Orlando, this means that there is not inventory for buyer’s to choose from which ends up driving prices higher. In this blog I will explain 5 tips to help you get multiple offers on your home…

A market where the seller has the advantage is often called a seller’s market. This means that there is a high number of buyer’s looking to purchase the same property. When this happens the price of the home can increase rapidly.

Even though you have an advantage in a seller’s market this does not mean that a seller can raise the price of the home to an insane amount that is not justified.  Many times the condition of a home is a huge factor in determining the price of a home. If the home still has the original cabinets from when it was built in the 1970’s and the green shaggy carpet, or the outdated wallpaper; a homeowner can’t expect to receive the same price as a newly renovated home. That is why many homeowners choose We Buy Houses Orlando companies like mine. If your home has had some updates and you believe that people will desire it in it’s current condition then you should still strive to get as many offers as possible and, in doing so, give you the opportunity to select the best offer for yourself.

As a seller you might be asking yourself “why would I want to have multiple offers?” Well the concept is simple. To get a higher price you want to go into what’s called a “bidding war” – when you are selling and you only get one offer, you might feel forced to take it. But multiple offers allows you to choose from many options, this allows you to negotiate from a stronger position.

So how does a homeowner go about in getting multiple offers? Below are 5 easy steps that you can take when selling your home that will help sell your home fast.

1. Marketing

As the old saying goes: Marketing is the lifeline. If no one knows that you are selling your home then how would they know to buy it? This is where hiring a Realtor comes in to play. The real estate agent that is experienced will know what prices homes are going for in your neighborhood based on their condition. They will help place the home on the MLS for thousands of other Realtors to show to their buyers.

2. Pricing

Pricing the home correctly is one of the most important factors on selling it fast. This is where the experience from your Realtor comes into play. Overpricing the home for it’s current condition will leave the home sitting on the market for months with no one interested. Underprice the home and you could be leaving money on the table.

3. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is what a potential buyer sees as soon as they pull up to the house. If when they pull up they see fresh paint, nice landscaping, trimmed trees they will be excited about the home. If they pull up and they see what appears to be an overgrown jungle in front of the house with broken things they will not be receptive to living there.

4. Inside Presentation

The inside of the home is just as important as the outside. People have to imagine how the home will look like if they were living there. If you have a ton of clutter then it will be very difficult for them to visualize it and in turn will not be interested in purchasing it.

5. Offer Incentives

Offering a bonus to an agent that brings a buyer or offering a home warranty to a seller will bring value to the home and make you stand out over the competition.

For a more detailed version of these 5 quick tips take a look at this video.